Sunday, 9 December 2012

Metal Slug Pc Game Collection Full Version Free download

Game of this series is a feature of the game run and gun: a large number of enemies and character player with very strong arms. In most driving and weapons, and contact with the enemy leads to destruction. In this series, however, will lead contact in the ability to perform a melee attack, and the ability to carry out an attack the enemy to melee on his own if he has one. Player's melee attack is much stronger than most of the images. This leads to the possibility of the player to drive in and use melee attacks to take down the number of troops, and the ability to defeat enemies quickly can take a lot of damage to the mummies at the beginning of alloy 2.Spelaren metal with a pistol and only one simple, as the game progresses the player picks up new weapons . The player can only carry one weapon at the time when it was found a new weapon to replace the old one. Similarly, when you run out of ammunition and explosives, the player is due to the use of a gun. System was introduced in a new metal alloy 6 to allow players to carry two of the largest weapons and switch between them and the standard pistol.Den SW-001, or metal alloy is the main vehicle in a series of metal alloy. A small, silver cartoonish tank (SV stands for "Super Vehicle"). And armed with a gun and tank cannon Vulcan 2. The car can jump and crouch. Crouching opens a hole in the top of the tank which you can throw grenades. Shells from a cannon independent systems ammonium. The car can run over pedestrians and implementation of a suicideattack with the driver jumping clear idea of ​​the shocked and explode on the target. The car can take three direct hits before being destroyed. Alternative Chaser enemy has a shield which must be destroyed before they destroy the car. It is powered by Caterpillar addressed. With the passage of time, may change these specifications at any car equipped with a Vulcan cannon and cannon variable commensurate with the role of the car, and run the appropriate environment for the car. In alloy 6 (and again a copy of this metal alloy X, 3, 4, 5), and secure the Tarma Vulcan cannon and put it on the fire and constantly. The "shooter cunning" a symbol of the evolution of the components.

Processor= 233MHz
Graphics= 32MB


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