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GOOGLE ADSENSE: Learn in Urdu: Google Adsense Content Copyright Polices

This post is about Google Adsense copyright policy. Google Adsense has a very strict policy about copyright issues. Google Adsense updates its programme policies time to time. The latest changes in the policy is that if sites or blogs which having copyrighted material and infringement with content having copyrights; will no longer be the part of this awesome programme. This is an indication for those who are still thinking about stealing other people content for getting short success. I have always been forcing and advising my friends, readers to respect copyrights and create unique genuine content if they want to work with Adsense or make a good career in Blogging. However, Google is doing its best to avoid people from doing wrong with the system and the web. An article in Urdu has also written by me and can be read on this page.

What is online copyright?

This word is very common for all the experienced bloggers and the people who know something about the law and order. Online copyrights simply means, If a person has written an article for his blog or website, That article is his property and other people are not allowed to copy that and reproduce somewhere else on the web. In some cases, one can copy some type of content but, with the permission of the author. But in most cases, you can't copy anyone's content. This applies to all type of content such as Mp3 songs, videos, games, software, images, photos, articles, posts etc. 

Another Example, as I have written this article just now by myself for my blog and it has copyrights; someone can't copy this article to republish on the web. That's all about Copyrights.

In Adsense policy, You can't put ads on websites having copied material, even you can't put Adsense ads on those pages which are linking to sites which also having copied content. So be very careful about this. Because Google is very smart and strict to take any decision in seconds.

How to follow Adsense policies?

Hmm, It is a good question. Following Adsense programme policies completely is not an easy job. But almost you can follow them if you really want to do so. First of all you need to read the whole page of Adsense programme policies carefully and with full concentration which can be found here. After reading them all, next step is to search your website and find the mistakes you have already done and make them correct as quickly as possible. Now make your mind clear about Adsense and go for original work. Never copy anyone's content. 

Also, Don't copy images from Google, try to make your own images in Photoshop. Record your own videos with a screen recorder. Don't use abusive language in your blog. Be polite. Keep tracking your content.

How to report copied content to Google?

If someone has copied your content and you have copyrights for your content then just follow this link and report that site/blog to Google. Fill the form correctly and mention that the person has copied your content and you want Google to remove that from the search results.

Your Turn:
If you have still doubts about Google Adsense policies then please leave your toughts below the post and I will be happy to answer you and help you regarding this. Also share this post with everyone. Because I want to spread the knowledge as far as I can and I need your support.

Here is the Urdu Article


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