Friday, 22 February 2013

Download Manager Free

Most of us have experienced the difficulty of downloading large files from the internet. Sometimes the download even stops while it is partly underway. In the windows download applet which pops out when you start downloading nothing can be done if it stops you will have to start all over again. Download managers allow you to pick up where you left off. 

A very good download manager will split large files into parts and will download all the parts at the same time and will in the end assemble all the parts. This can result in quite good improvement in the download speed. I personally use these type of managers.

Free Download Manageris one such. It does simultaneous multipart downloads and is very efficient and fast. It can schedule downloads, it can restart downloads which was stopped while it was underway. It is a nice utility which all should have. Though there are other choices like Gigaget, Orbit, Getgo, Flashget, Multiget I personally prefer Free download manager for its stability and easy integration with most browsers.

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