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Submit your blogs to Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to establish the number and quality of traffic to increase to websites with search engine results. Search engines work on different algorithms to the content and keywords, and the presentation of search results to analyze.
Google, for example, notes pages and page ranks of sites that rank will occur very early in the results. Of course, many other factors that search engines, such as relevance, unique content, coding and quality. The major search engines know how to detect these factors will only manipulation of the ranking system to encourage, and so secretive about the way the ranking algorithms work.

Although no SEO consultant can be sure how each search engine your site, a common agreement that what your site is visible on the internet see higher rankings in the end. Once your site with links to many other sites indexed by various search engines and the exposure and visibility

Here we give an overview of search engines that your website or blog site to submit and get your website or blog indexed by search engines.

Indexing Site

Unless you have a private blog, it's a matter of time that your blog is indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. One of the fastest ways to get your site indexed is another site that is already in the search engine to connect with you. When search engine crawlers to visit this site, they will find and index your site.

So try this method if you do not want to wait for search engines to submit your site to approve.

Before we look at the list of search engines, there are several points to note: -

First make sure your site is indexed by search engines, you must type the full URL to their search. For some search engines, such as Microsoft Live Search, type site: followed by the full URL. If your site appear in search results, which are indexed, and there is no need to resubmit your site.

Other If your blog is a link to the blog directories, web sites or blogs, you can use these other sites that mention blogs appear first in search results. More often than not, they have a higher page rank. Browse through the other pages in the search results and you will surely find a list that is just about your blog.

Third, when you submit your site, you do not send the URL of any webpage. Send only top-level page to Blogger blogs will be like this address without the www. blogging name.

4th You can create your sitemap to Google and sign up for Google Webmaster site to the status of the indexing to know and view statistics on traffic. Also, a sitemap for Yahoo! For more information about indexes and links to learn your site. Send Blogger Sitemap MSN and also.

5th If you are the Yahoo! site, you will in other search engines such as AltaVista and AlltheWeb, as well. AOL Search also uses data from Google.

Sixth Some sites to receive news and advertising in exchange for free entry. If you do not want, do not forget to turn away from it. Prevent your email address regularly filled with the creation of a free web based e-mail only for web-mail.

Seventh Because search engines have different standards for the content, design and technical specifications, your site is no guarantee that it will be included in their database.

List of search engines

Can you put your URL to these search engines for free. If you have no time, your site to the top of a number of leading search engines.

Website Submission Services

There are many sites on the internet offering free website submission services to search engines. The list of search engines are by and large the same. For a fee, some of them offer to send your URL to more than a hundred search engines. Is it necessary to have your webpage listed in all the smaller search engines? We think that Google, Yahoo! and MSN have cornered such a large share of the market that it is sufficient just to have your website listed there. However, the decision is yours to make. For a start, you may want to use their free services and monitor the traffic.       


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