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Best 5 Free VPN Server Software / Service Best 2013 File Loft -- Download Zone (Beta)

5 Free VPN Server Software / Service Best 2013

There are so many software VPN (virtual private network) that can be downloaded free of charge and we use to protect our data security and privacy on the internet. In the years 2011 - 2013 Figures VPN software users continues to increase, especially in Indonesia as in keluarkannya government policy to block tens of thousands of websites / websites on the internet, especially as pornography. Well it is true in addition to maintaining privacy and security, VPN software can also help us to access websites that have been on the block. And the following is a list of 5 Best Software 2013 Free VPN Server that you can use to maintain the security, privacy and to access a blocked website.

 1. VPNBook

VPNBook be the best place as a free VPN service provider. If on the other VPN providers provide free and unlimited traffic speeds, it will be different from VPNBook free VPN service that provides them free of charge with no limit / limit bandwidth. You can browse and download activities and spend at will by using your internet quota free VPN service from this VPNBook.
Download the software at [ here ]
Username and password in [ here ] 

2. SecurityKISS

SecurityKiss provide a quota of 300 MB per day for the free version, which is interesting from this SecurityKiss VPN software is not required to register an account using a VPN server. Simply download and install and you can enjoy free virtual private network services.
Download the software at [ here ] 


CyberGhost will provide privacy, freedom and security on the internet connection you use. To protect the security when browsing on public networks such as hotspots cafes, campuses and other places you can rely CyberGhost VPN server.
Download the software at [ here ] 

4. Hotspot Shield

With 128-bit encryption when you access the Internet through Hotspot Shield servers, the security of your critical data will be safe and stay awake. This software can be used for Windows 8, Mac OS X to Android smartphones. Hotspot Shield gives a quota of 10 GB per month as well as free advertising for the user, you can upgrade your program Hotspot Shield to eliminate quotas and advertising.
Download the software at [here ] 

5. ExpatShield

ExpatShield not provide bandwidth limits per day or per month - Unlimited. Can only be used for a computer with Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems. Although providing unlimited quota, ExpatShield will display ads when you use the VPN software.
Download the software at [ here ] 


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