Tuesday, 1 January 2013

CBT Nuggets MCTS 70-516

CBT Nuggets MCTS 70-516CBT Nuggets MCTS 70-516
English | ISO | 9 hrs | H264 800×600 | AAC Mono | 1.17 GB
Without data, software applications are a blank canvas. Data access programming skills are a must for software developers these days and “Accessing Data with Microsoft.NET Framework 4″ shows you how to use all of the current data access technologies while preparing you for the 70-516 MCTS certification.
You’ll learn how to work with technologies such as ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, WCF, and the Entity Framework – just to name a few. This CBT Nugget Series will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to create data access solutions and turn that blank canvas into a mosaic of interactive data!
1 Introduction to Accessing Data with .NET 4
2 Overview of ADO.NET
3 Working with ADO.NET – Disconnected Data
4 Working with ADO.NET – Connected Data
5 Introduction to LINQ
6 Writing LINQ Queries
7 LINQ to SQL Introduction
8 Working with LINQ to SQL
9 LINQ to XML Introduction
10 Working with LINQ to XML
11 Introduction to the ADO.NET Entity Framework
12 Working with the ADO.NET Entity Framework
13 Introduction to WCF Data Services
14 Consuming WCF Data Services
15 Developing Reliable Applications – Troubleshooting Data
16 Developing Reliable Applications – Protecting Data
17 Developing Reliable Applications – Synchronizing Data
18 Deploying Applications & Components
CBT Nuggets MCTS 70-516
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